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Educating Leaders and Agents of Change

Pioneer School boys with a myriad of experiences. When these experiences are coupled with advice and guidance from parents and teachers, boys leave childhood behind and become young men. This has been our mission in the past and it is not going to change in the future.

Aviation Technology

Students study basic aeronautics to learn about regulations, safety, meteorology, and flight planning. We teach students to fly a plane and educate them on how the weather affects aircraft operations; an aviation technology program cover aircraft engines, electrical systems, and structures. Students often do practice working on aircraft.

Advanced Technology

We offer computer training in our state-of-the-art computer laboratories fully connected to a high-speed fiber-optic cable Internet and using the latest generations computer Information Technology and Computer Studies has been one of our leading subjects for many years.

Amazing Academic Progress

TIn Pioneer School every learner exceeds previous expectations of what they can achieve academically, whatever their starting point. We develop innovators & leaders who will shape the future in Educating leaders and agents of Change.

School Rugby Team

We have a rich rugby tradition that has seen it win the Prescott cup no less than 10 times. We have produced several Kenya national team players. The boys show hunger and hard work to get all the crowns. We have been coming out from a tough pool and this gives us the confidence to go all the way.

Mandarin (Chinese Language)

This is taught to all students in Forms One and Two students, giving them a proficiency in both written and spoken Mandarin by the end of Form Two. The language gives our students an edge over the others after Form Four considering that China is now a big player in the global economy and Chinese people constitute a fifth of the world’s population.

Flight Simulations

We provide our Aviation students with the most innovative full-flight simulators (FFS), including the latest version CAE 7000XR Series Level D FFS, this improves the training efficiency, offering advanced capabilities, and increasing students understanding efficiency.