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Our roots as Pioneer Private Schools date back to 1996 when it was established on a former colonial sisal farm and factory along the ridges of Maragua river in Murang’a District, formerly Central Province; the traditional center of the Kikuyu plateau. The academic institution began by providing primary school education under the 8-4-4 system (Class 4 to Class 8) with around 100 pupils.

Throughout its history, it has been one of the leading independent schools in Kenya and it continues to provide a stimulating all-around education, coupled with academic excellence.

Ours is a modern, forward-thinking school that embraces new opportunities within teaching and learning with a focus on Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. Tradition teaching remains important and still shapes some of our guiding principles, but it is our willingness to innovate which has seen the schools thrive.

Led by our dedicated Principle Mr. John Gichengo, experienced management team, and board of Directors, we guide, coordinate, and ensure effective running of each of the institutions. Through their support and resources, we help create an environment that transforms our students into future leaders.

Since its founding in 2000, Pioneer school has been dedicated to instilling knowledge, inspiring innovation, and developing leaders for future generations. This is achieved through an emphasis on sciences, technology, Mathematics, and technical skills such as aviation.

Pioneer school is the first independent school in Kenya to offer flight training for its students with a guarantee of achieving a Private Pilots License on graduating.

Pioneer School is very proud of our past, and we have an exciting future. We look forward to the challenge of providing high quality learning for Pioneer Boys to prepare and mould them into men.